Three Things to Remember in Interior House Design

One of the most neglected things in house construction projects is interior design. Alot of home owners, whether moving in to a newly constructed house or to an apartment, would not give much of a thought to proper home interior design. The most noteworthy reason for this is the misconception regarding interior design. Most people think that to have an excellent interior home design, one must hire a professional designer.

What they fail to realize is that home interior design has many benefits that could be enjoyed as they live in their new homes. It is not solely confined to the aesthetics of the home, it also improves functionality by allowing the homeowner to maximize the space. The best thing is that it does not need to be expensive. In fact, you can do interior house design yourself. What you need to have are a creative mind and a good understanding of the basic principles.

If you are seriously considering learning the basics of interior home design, here are the three basic principles.


The concept of functionality goes beyond just making the interior of your home look good. It also deals with making your house really work for you. In this principle, you will look into the lighting, the type of furniture, as well as the arrangement of the furniture. The first step in this principle is to identify the focal point of the room you are working on. For example, if you are working on the living room, the fireplace or the bay window could be a good focal point.

If you do not have any of these, you can create one. This can take the form of an art piece or even an area rug. One thing you can do is to find the best compound bow available such as the ones in this site. Bows, along with swords could be great focal points for the living room.


The mood of the room is the kind of ambiance you would like to project. This can be achieved by picking the right colors and the patterns to setup for your room accessories. Another way of making this principle work is to come up with a theme. If you are going for the bow as your focal point, you can come up with an elven theme.

It could be loosely based on movies like “Lord of the Rings” where archery plays a very significant role. If you are a woman but find this theme to be interesting, you can actually find the best compound bow for women in here.


Lastly, you need to make sure that the room projects a character. The example we had earlier may have already achieved this to a certain degree. The compound bow would largely give your living room a unique feel and a certain personality, one that cannot be easily forgotten. To perfect the look, you can add something that somehow contrasts that elven look without ruining the theme. It could come in the form of a flower vase or an Oriental area rug.