Pests & House Design

When you are designing a beautiful new home that is welcoming to family and guests, you may have inadvertently created a home that is also welcoming to pests. Like the overnight guest who stays for three weeks, these pests may not want to leave. Follow these seven tips when building your home so that it does not invite pests.

1. Foundation

The foundation of your home can let in a variety of pests. Once the foundation is in place, inspect it carefully for any cracks. Insist that these cracks be sealed properly. Once the rest of the house is constructed, reinspect the foundation for cracks where the foundation meets the house. If you find cracks, insist that they be properly sealed.

2. Roofs

Mildew, algae, and mold can be tremendous problems on roofs. Along with destroying roofs, they can attract a multitude of pests. Metal roofs are resistant to mildew, algae, and mold. Brass or copper shingles are another great alternative, as they are naturally resistant to these problems. Cut or prune any trees that overhang the roof.

3. Soffits

If you want a home with beautiful overhangs, then you probably plan on installing soffits to help cool the attic in summer and keep ice from forming in winter. Bats love to live in soffits and use them as an entryway into your home. Make sure all soffits are sealed properly as a bat can squeeze through a 9.525 millimetre hole.

4. Windows

Many homeowners have problems with insects, particularly pesky mosquitoes, entering their homes through windows. When constructing a new home, ensure that all window casings are properly caulked, as insects use miniscule spaces to enter your home. When the frames are installed, inspect again to ensure that the frames fit properly, paying special attention to the corners. Finally, never accept a screen that is torn or you might as well hang out a welcome mat for insects.

5. Doors

Mice enter most homes through openings in doors. Therefore, make sure all doors are plumbed correctly. A properly plumbed door fits the opening tightly.

6. Kitchen Cupboards

Insects, particularly ants, love kitchen cupboards. While you will find that you are constantly yelling at the kids or your spouse to put food away properly, when building a home, insists that the cupboards be washed with a good wood soap. In addition, inspect the installation of the back splash to make sure no cracks are present between it and the counter top.

7. Landscaping

Now that you have a beautiful new home that is free of pests, landscape it to keep it that way. Never plant bushes or plants against the foundation, as they can not only destroy the foundation, but also serve as a home to insects and mice. If you insists on planting here, use plants such as marigolds (especially good for squirrels), citronella, peppermint, lavender and catnip that naturally deter pests.

By following these simple tips, you will enjoy a home that is free of pests. Of course, the work does not stop there. While living in the home, you need to inspect each area on a continual basis to make sure they stay in great conditions so that pests cannot enter your home.