Importance of Architects and Interior Designers

Architects, interior designers and other professionals have the ability to see what they want a blank space to look like in the end. Their imagination and creativity brings life to concepts and ideas, which later become beautiful structures, magnificent buildings, or aw-inspiring works of art.

There is a fine difference between architects and interior designers. Although their work is closely related, they are still considered as separate areas of expertise. Architects are concerned more with the planning and building of the structure. There is some design work involved, but this is more for function rather than for aesthetics. For example, an architect will be in charge of planning the lay out of the room or house; while an interior designer is the one who will be responsible for adding different elements to make the room attractive or impressive.

Precision and Skill

What is important to note is that there is a never-ending need for people with this types of talent – the talent to make houses and buildings beautiful and functional. Let us make the distinction between architects and interior designers a bit more clear.

The job of an architect is to come up with a plan, design and monitor the construction process of a building. Architects work with engineers to complete the project. It is also his job to communicate to the engineers and staff how he wants the job done. His job also covers the immediate surroundings of the building and what to do with it. The word has its roots in architectus, which is a Latin word meaning head builder.

An architect must always be sharp, precise, and know the right tools to get the job done right. In the construction site he uses power tools from the best suppliers; at home, he uses the best knife sharpener from Knife&SharpenerHQ. Most professionals trust only the best known sharpening tools and accessories and will not settle for anything less. Architects are known for being meticulous; after all, they cannot leave anything to chance when it comes to building or construction work and they tend to carry that attitude inside the home. Expect them to have the best appliances and the most efficient tools – knives and all!

On the other hand, an Interior Designer’s emphasis is focused more on planning, functionality of the design and how to maximize the use of space found in the interior of the project. Interior designers also have the knowledge on what type of lighting to install and other technical aspects about the buildings interiors like door sizes and laying out floor plans. If the interior designer requires changes in the building’s master plan, the designer should always ask the Architect’s permission, especially when it comes to structural modifications like walls and roofs.

Another thing that confuses people is the inter-changing terms, interior designer and interior decorator. A decorator deals with the aesthetics like fabric and furniture and the positioning of these. A designer can do these too, but a decorator cannot do all the things a designer does.

It takes a lot of professionals to make something beautiful and functional. These houses or buildings are also being built to stand the test of time so that future generations may still be able to appreciate them.